‘Armageddon’ Is the ‘Movie Equivalent of Taco Bell’ in New ‘Honest Trailers’ (Video)

The ScreenJunkies team decimates the 1998 Michael Bay actioner

You definitely don’t want to miss a thing in the newest episode of “Honest Trailers,” which contends that Michael Bay‘s 1998 hit “Armageddon” is essentially “the movie equivalent of Taco Bell.”

“It looks OK on the surface, but for the love of God, don’t think too hard about what’s inside,” the narrator says.

The new episode of the popular ScreenJunkies web series tackles the constant ticking-clock references, plethora of explosions, and “asteroids that look like they were designed by Tim Burton.”

The episode also plays actual DVD commentary audio featuring Ben Affleck, who asked Michael Bay if it would be easier to teach astronauts to be oil drillers rather than vice versa. “He told me to shut the f— up,” Affleck says.

“Honest Trailers” launched in 2012 and has received more than 550 million views on YouTube. The site has sent up trailers for major releases like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Frozen” and “Batman v. Superman.”

Defy Media VP of programming Andy Signore is the creator, writer and director, while Spencer Gilbert is the head writer.

Watch the video.


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