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Arnold Schwarzenegger Assures World His Donkey and Mini-Horse ‘Very Rarely’ Poop in the House (Video)

”It happened once while we were cooking, but that’s okay,“ he tells Jimmy Kimmel

Arnold Schwarzenegger never has to worry about feeling lonely during quarantine, because he’s got his donkey and mini-horse to keep him company. And they almost never poop in the house.

Jimmy Kimmel got to meet these unusual pets via Zoom last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live From His House.”

“Are these animals house trained?” Kimmel asked.

“Well, you know, they uh… yes. They’re not trained, but they very rarely take a dump in the house. It happened once while we were cooking, but that’s okay, it just smelled a little bit from Weiner schnitzel and from poo at the same time.”

Named Whiskey and Lulu, the fuzzy, hoofed creatures were all over the “Terminator” actor, nuzzling him and desperately trying to get ahold of his carrots and oatmeal cookies.

Kimmel also had some serious questions for the former governor of California.

“I learned something about you, that when you were governor, you prepared the state for a situation like this by stockpiling how many masks and ventilators and what not?”

“Well we stockpiled millions of masks and thousands of ventilators, I think it was 2,400 ventilators and beds and stuff like that,” Schwarzenegger said.

He said he woke up one day to thousands of raging wildfires across the state and decided to get prepared in case of more fires, or other natural disasters that the state is prone to, like earthquakes. But it’s expensive to keep all that gear up-to-date in storage, and as the years went by, other governors decided to use those funds for other purposes.

Schwarzenegger says some of his mask stockpiles survived, though, since his term came to an end in 2011.

“Some of the stuff was still in storage, and they found it and used it in the hospitals,” he said. “It was really good.”