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Arnold Schwarzenegger Nearly Wets Himself After Getting Charged by Elephant (Video)

Luckily, the action star didn’t need to ”get to the chopper“

Arnold Schwarzenegger has fought everything from killer cyborgs to aliens on screen. But the former California governor is smart enough not to mess around with a real-life elephant.

On Tuesday, the action star shared a video of himself in South Africa when his safari tour group encountered a real-life pachyderm. The massive animal initially taps its tusk against the hood of their vehicle and then seems to walk away.

But then the elephant circles around from behind and suddenly charges, forcing them to floor it to escape danger. “I couldn’t have written this encounter better if it was for a movie,” Schwarzenegger tweeted of the encounter. “Some of us had to change our pants. Take a photo, not a shot.”

Schwarzenegger was in South Africa to help promote the Arnold Classic Africa, an annual bodybuilding competition that he created.

Watch the video below: