Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets a Toon-Up in ‘The Governator’ Trailer (Video)

The action star turned politico leaves Sacramento and begins doing battle with giant robots. What else did you expect?

True to his word, Ah-nuld is back — in cartoon form!

A new trailer for "The Governator," Arnold Schwarzenegger's two-dimensional collaboration with comic-book legend Stan Lee, has been released, giving the world an indication of how the action star-turned-politico — who was succeeded by Jerry Brown as the Golden State's governor in January — will be spending his post-gubernatorial time. Namely, by tearing it up on a futuristic motorcycle and doing battle with giant robots.

The only thing that could make this any better is if Dennis Kucinich was serving as his trusty sidekick.

Check out the "Governator" trailer below.