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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover to Sell Cars, Fools Absolutely No One (Video)

”Terminator“ actor appears in new ad for electric cars for consortium Veloz

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the one actor least likely to be mistaken for someone else. If you don’t recognize the former bodybuilder and California governor with his thick, Austrian accent at this point, then you haven’t paid attention to pop culture for the past 35-plus years.

And though it’s all the rage to dupe unsuspecting people by donning fake wigs and makeup and create a viral moment as an Uber driver or whomever, Schwarzenegger is maybe the last person who would be right for one of these prank videos.

Except, in this case, that’s the joke. Schwarzenegger isn’t fooling anyone, and neither are the big oil companies who continue pushing gas-guzzling vehicles. That’s the message that the “Terminator” actor is pushing in a new ad for Veloz, a consortium of car companies, manufacturers, government agencies, utility companies and advocacy groups that advocates for the advancement of electric cars and limiting the effect of automakers on the environment.

The ad, titled “Kicking Gas,” debuted Tuesday and shows Schwarzenegger poorly disguising himself as a car salesman trying to nudge buyers toward a gas-powered muscle car rather than an eco-friendly electric one. Though they seemed to immediately recognize that it was The Terminator walking towards them, the car shoppers played along with Schwarzenegger’s insisting that he was car salesman “Howard Kleiner.”

In the video, Schwarzenegger pulls up in a massive all-terrain vehicle that looks like something out of one of his movies and begins revving the engine to no end.

“THIS IS TESTOSTERONE,” he bellowed. “Do you want a gas credit or street credit?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Veloz

Schwarzenegger gets serious at the end, saying, “Electric cars save money, time, and the environment, without sacrificing any of the fun and excitement of driving.”

To his credit, Schwarzenegger has managed to fool fans before, as he previously dressed up as the Terminator and walked through Hollywood convincing people he was an impressive street actor and body double.

You can watch that video here, and watch Schwarzenegger’s new ad with Veloz above.