Netflix’s ‘Arrested Development’: First Clip Released (Video)

Lucille Bluth turns Buster into the poster boy for second-hand smoke

Who cares what happens on screen? Fans of "Arrested Development" will feel a sense of excitement simply by hearing Ron Howard's narration again.

The first clip from the highly anticipated revival of the Emmy-winning comedy series was released Tuesday by Netflix. The 15-episode run of what becomes the show's fourth season begins on May 26; each episode will focus on a different member of the cast, setting up an "Arrested Development" movie that creator Mitch Hurwitz hopes to eventually make.

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The new 86-second clip, titled "No Smoking," comes with a description: "Lucille finds a way to get around the building's strict no-smoking policy and the fact that her ankle monitor prevents her from approaching the balcony."

And that pretty much tells the story. It should come as no surprise that Buster plays a key role in his mother's scam.

Here's the clip, which is "a very extended version of what you'll see in the show," Karen Barragan of Netflix told TheWrap.