‘Arrested Development’ Cast Says Trump Stole the Bluths’ Idea for the Border Wall (Video)

“It’s like a f—ing gift from the heavens,” star Will Arnett says of POTUS “shoehorning” his way into the family’s narrative

The cast of “Arrested Development” is “super worried” about President Donald Trump tweeting about them when Season 5 of the comedy drops on Netflix next week and  hecatches wind of all the references to his administration that have been packed into the next installment of the Mitch Hurwtiz-created series.

Well, actually, that was sarcasm from Will Arnett. If anything, POTUS probably owes the show and its dysfunctional family a debt of gratitude for giving him some of his ideas. Like that border wall between the United States and Mexico he’s been talking about for the past couple years. Yeah, the Bluths were already working on it in 2013.

“What’s great is how he was able to you know sort of shoehorn his way into our narrative that we actually created with the wall years before,” Arnett, who plays Gob Bluth, said when the cast all gathered together Monday in New York to discuss the upcoming season with EW Radio. “It’s like a f–king gift from the heavens.”

“The wall was my idea, it was,” Jessica Walter — who plays the family matriarch Lucille Bluth, who did hatch that business plan — said to laughter.

“We got an interesting point there,” David Cross, who plays Tobias Funke, added. “The observation that the stuff that was happening in Season 4 that we’re continuing in Season 5, that part of the story, that’s Trump’s whole thing now. And that was years before he [did it]. And the Bluths are horrible, awful people. So you fill in. Make the connection as you will.”

Watch the clip above.

The first half of season 5 of “Arrested Development” debuts May 29 on Netflix.