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Ashton Kutcher on Being a ‘Little OCD’ and How Twitter Prompted His Tech Investments (Video)

The "Jobs" star tells Jimmy Kimmel that he's a model of efficiency … unless football is on

Ashton Kutcher's "Jobs" promotional blitz rolled on Thursday with a stop at "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where he chatted about the film and some of his own Steve Jobs-like behavior.

Kutcher's done some significant work in Silicon Valley, running a venture capital fund that has invested in startups like Foursquare, Spotify and Soundcloud. Kutcher said he was into the tech scene before "Jobs" came along — it was actually his Twitter success that made him decide to start investing in similar companies.

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"I started using Twitter and it got really really successful and I realized that I might've had something to do with helping them be a little bit successful," he said. "But I didn't get anything from it. And so I was like, 'well if I'm gonna do that again, I'm gonna invest in the company.'"

Kutcher also discussed his penchant for streamlining his life, saying that he lines his clothes up in the closet so that they're in the order that he always dresses himself.

"I can get out of my house and to work in 12 minutes," he boasted. "I'm a little OCD about it."

But his efficiency schedule was ruined when the NFL began showing games on Thursdays, which "completely threw off my fantasy football league!"

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Kimmel asked how someone so obsessed with saving time could do something like fantasy football. Kutcher explained that a member of his staff is dedicated to doing all the research for him, and he simply has to "analyze the research."

"At that point, it's not a fantasy anymore," Kimmel noted.

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