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Asia Argento’s Friends Rally Around Her After Anthony Bourdain’s Death

”Sending you love and light,“ Patricia Arquette writes to Italian actress

Asia Argento received an overwhelming amount of support on social media Friday after news emerged that her boyfriend, celebrity foodie and prominent author Anthony Bourdain, committed suicide at the age of 61. The strongest voices were those of the Italian actress’ friends, including Rose McGowan, Patricia Arquette, Amber Tamblyn and Olivia Munn.

“Sending you love and light,” Arquette wrote.

“Witches: please prepare the strongest protection spell you have for our sister Asia Argento today. Please lift her up with all the love and light your conjuring is capable of casting. #AnthonyBourdain,” Tamblyn tweeted.

“My heart is broken for my sweet friend @AsiaArgento. … Anthony Bourdain??'” Munn wrote.

McGowan shared a picture of Bourdain that Argento had posted herself just 10 days ago, while shooting an episode for the upcoming season of his series “Parts Unknown,” which Argento directed.

“Through space and time, Anthony. Your love will find you again,” McGowan’s caption read.

Earlier in the morning, McGowan posted a video of herself sobbing while discussing Bourdain’s suicide.

In the video, McGowan said: “To those considering suicide, please don’t. Please call for help because it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s not forever. And the world will not be better off without you. Oh, Asia Argento, you’ve been through so much… please call suicide hotline. This will affect people all over the globe because Bourdain was international.”

Argento is one of the dozens of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment. Argento came forward with her accusations against Weinstein as part of Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker piece that ultimately took the disgraced movie mogul down. Bourdain was always supportive of Argento. When Argento came forward with her accusations, Bourdain tweeted, “I am proud and honored to know you. You just did the hardest thing in the world.”

Bourdain died Friday at age 61 as a result of suicide, CNN reported. According to the BBC, his body was found in a hotel room in a Strasbourg, France, where he was shooting an episode for CNN’s “Parts Unknown,” now in its 11th season.

Bourdain was working as executive chef of the New York city restaurant Brasserie Les Halles when he shot to fame with his 2000 tell-all best-seller “Kitchen Confidential.”

Two years later, he launched his first TV show, “A Cook’s Tour,” on the Food Network. Three years later, he joined the Travel Channel with “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” picking up two Emmy Awards, and in 2011, hosted “The Layover.”

See tweets of support for Argento below.

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