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‘Asperger’s Are Us’ Comics Talk About Looking for Laughs – Not Pity (Video)

SXSW 2016: Director Alexandre Lehmann and two members of the documentary’s titular comedy troupe talk to TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly about their approach to autistic comedy

Noah Britton and Ethan Finlan make it very clear: The goal of their comedy troupe, “Asperger’s Are Us,” is to make you laugh, not to make you feel good about supporting some guys with a developmental disorder.

“Do you like us for who we are or do you like us for what it says about you?” asks Britton. “If it’s the latter, we’ll take your money, but we don’t really care about you.”

“Asperger’s Are Us” is also the name of a new documentary by Alexandre Lehmann, about the titular comedy troupe, as it plans its most challenging show yet.

Lehmann says that the project started as a straight comedy film about Asperger’s and autism before turning into a documentary after discovering the troupe’s shows online.

Check out more of Lehmann, Britton and Finlan’s talk with TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly above.