‘Atlanta': Everything About ‘The Club’ Episode Was Real, Except When ‘Knuck if You Buck’ Came On

“NOBODY in an Atlanta nightclub is this chill when ‘Knuck if you Buck’ comes on,” one Twitter user writes

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode of “Atlanta”)

“Atlanta” kept everything super real on Tuesday night’s episode up until Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” was heard playing in the club.

The 2004 classic instigates fights at Harvard, gets the party going and it makes people dance — none of which happened on “Atlanta” tonight, and the viewers were disappointed.

“The most unrealistic thing I’ve seen so far in ‘Atlanta’ is how chill the club was when ‘Knuck If You Buck’ was on,” commented one fan on Twitter.

“Can we talk about the club’s energy while ‘Knuck if you Buck’ was playing?” said another viewer. “Y’all supposed to be hype af.” (“Af” means “as f—).

The disappointment was so real. Unlike most TV shows or movies, the club scene in “Atlanta” wasn’t depicted as a ritzy place where everyone was beautiful and dressed to the nines, having the time of their lives. Primal, a nightclub in Atlanta and on “Atlanta,” depicted the real club experience: Earn doesn’t drink (although he did, a lot, in this episode), Darius left early to eat cereal and play video games and Paper Boi was bored out of his mind.

So when “Knuck If You Buck” came on during the episode, most people were naturally expecting the show to stay true to its roots and have the proper response to such a monumental song. But then again, we should have all learned by now to not expect anything normal from Donald Glover.

Crime Mob is an Atlanta based hip-hop group made up of M.I.G., Cyco Black, Princess, Lil’ Jay, Diamond and Killa C. “Knuck If You Buck” featured “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy. Listen to it here.

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