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Why ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Is Called ‘Robbin Season’

Writer Stephen Glover explains what the title means

The upcoming run of FX’s hit sitcom “Atlanta” isn’t called “Season 2” — it’s titled “Robbin’ Season.” Uh, what’s that now? Stephen Glover graciously offered up a very thorough explanation.

“Robbin’ Season, for most of you that I guess don’t know, is a time in Atlanta right before Christmastime and New Year’s,” the executive producer and writer explained at a¬†Television Critics Association panel. “Basically, a bunch of crime happens in the city right during that time.”

“Because everybody has their Christmas gifts,” series creator/star — and Stephen’s big brother — Donald Glover interjected.

“Yeah, people have to give Christmas gifts and [other] people have that stuff,” Stephen continued in the street history lesson. “People just have more stuff, money. And people need money. It’s just a time that robberies go up — all kinds. You might get your package stolen off your front porch. When we were there shooting, my neighbor got her car stolen out her driveway.”

“It’s just like a very kind of tense and desperate time,” he went on. “So we wanted that to be the backdrop to this season. Our characters are going through [a] transition from their whole lives to where they’re heading now. Yeah, ‘Robbin Season’ is kind of a metaphor for all of that.”

There you have it.

“Atlanta” Season 2 — err, “Atlanta Robbin’ Season” — premieres¬†Thursday, March 1, 2018, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.