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‘Atlanta': What’s Up With that Invisible Car?

Yes, Marcus Miles was driving an invisible car and ran people over with it

(This post contains spoilers for the most recent episode of “Atlanta.” Stop reading if you ain’t caught up.)

After last week’s meta trans-racial episode, we thought “Atlanta” couldn’t get any weirder–but it just did.

Tuesday night’s episode, “The Club,” ended in complete chaos: Paper Boi straight shook up the club manager for owed money, gun shots were fired outside the club, club-goers were running in all sorts of directions trying to get away and a few people got run over by an invisible car.

Yeah, you read that right. While you were watching some main characters do what they do, an invisible car ran over a crowd of people in the background.

And, yeah, someone was actually driving this magical car. It was Marcus Miles, the big shot celebrity who ended up buying the entire club and whose VIP section was popping more than Paper Boi’s.

One of the central themes of the episode was about how people, mostly stars, flaunt their money in the club. After seeing how much larger and more exciting Miles’ VIP section was, Paper Boi was a little bothered by it so he bought some more drinks and invited more people into his section, which was countered by Miles buying the entire club.

Miles’ invisible car at the end could be a testament to the extent some people will go to in order to show off how rich they are. Like, you know buying an invisible car.

Or the invisible car could have just been placed in the episode because Donald Glover clearly does whatever he wants. Either way, I wouldn’t bother looking for some kind of rational explanation for its existence.

Naturally, this whole thing caused some social media freakouts. Check out some of the best reaction tweets we found to the invisible car below.