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Attention, ‘Chuck’ Fans: Josh Schwartz is Now On Twitter

The microblogging service helped his show survive, but he wasn’t a member. Until now

Twitter helped save "Chuck." Now, co-creator Josh Schwartz is finally repaying the tweet, tweet love.

Schwartz (who in his spare time also produces "Gossip Girl")  finally signed up for the microblogging service today, assuming the handle @joshschwartz76. A TV producer on Twitter is hardly breaking news, but in Schwartz’s case, his previous absence from the site seemed odd, given the role Twitter played in drawing attention to "Chuck" last spring when it was on the brink of death.

So why sign up now?

"There’s nothing I won’t do to get the word out on Chuck!,"  Schwartz tweeted to @TVMoJoe Tuesday morning.