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Attention, Whedonites: This App's for You

Fox launching new program that puts a virtual Echo on your desktop. It's all designed to hype 'Dollhouse.'

Fans of Fox's "Dollhouse" are going to love this.

Fox tonight is launching a free computer application that will allow users to implant a virtual Echo (Eliza Dushku) on their desktops. Dubbed, appropriately, Virtual Echo, the program gives users access to a very sexy-acting Dushku, who can be seen pulling her gun and just generally looking hot.

It's nerd nirvana!

Here's how Fox says the app works:

Desktop Echo turns any computer screen into Echo’s playground. Watch Echo walk onto your desktop as she switches between her different personas, including dream date, hostage negotiator and assassin. Fans may leave the application running to be surprised as Echo displays her many special talents.

Augmented Reality Echo allows users to expand the Echo experience using augmented-reality (AR) technology. Simply print out the AR card at www.fox.com/virtualecho with the special DOLLHOUSE symbol or “glyph,” aim it at the computer’s webcam and bring Echo to life by moving the card. Then use the arrow keys to choose between her different avatars.

Dushku agreed to film special scenes for the virtual Echo. Integrated marketing company BLITZ designed the app, using Adobe AIR.

You can download your Echo at Fox.com/virtualecho. Or, if you're afraid of committing without more details, check out a video demo here.