ATTN: Launches First Live Event Based on Original Franchise ‘We Need to Talk’ (Exclusive)

The event will take place at the Largo theatre on August 5

ATTN: 'We Need to Talk'
ATTN: 'We Need to Talk'

ATTN: is taking one of its most popular Facebook Watch series “We Need to Talk” into the live events space, the multimedia company announced Tuesday.

The comedy series, which is hosted by Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo, aims to answer tough relationship questions, like how to deal with cultural differences, what to do when partners have mismatched libidos and the viability of long term relationships. Schulman and Perlongo will take the act to the Los Angeles-based theatre Largo at the Coronet, where they will investigate these tough and awkward relationship questions, sharing experiences from their own lives. The two will be joined on stage by family law expert Laura Wasser and comedian Lara Beitz.

“Psyched to be joining Laura and Nev to discuss modern relationships and my favorite subject: the evolution of dissolution and how it’s high time for disruption of the way our culture approaches divorce,” Wasser said.

Launched in 2017 and recently greenlit for a fourth season, “We Need to Talk” is one of ATTN:’s most successful franchises. With more than 285,461 followers on Facebook, the show page has attracted millions of visitors, with videos typically garnering anywhere from 10,000 to 11 million views.

“‘We Need to Talk’ has been one of ATTN:’s most successful franchises, and the fans really connect with Nev and Laura,” Matthew Segal, ATTN:’s co-founder told TheWrap. “After launching our events division ATTN: Moment earlier this year, we thought bringing this series to life and allowing our audience to engage with one of their favorite shows in person would be a great way to further that connection.”

Segal said that the goal of the event is to widen consumer consumption habits to not just watching the show on their mobile phones, but dedicating an entire evening to the content.

“That shows a much more significant level of engagement with our brand and the ‘We Need to Talk’ franchise,” he said.
“Like any new business venture, there are no guarantees, but we believe in taking bets where there is proven fandom, and this show is currently in its fourth season with a loyal following. It’s our hope that we can grow ‘We Need to Talk’ beyond a content series to a successful live event series in cities and college towns across the country.  ”

“We Need to Talk” Live will take place on August 5, at Largo at the Coronet. Tickets are currrently on sale for $30.