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Matt Lauer Accuser’s Name Not Safe With NBC, Her Attorney Says: ‘They Need to Stop’ (Video)

”The network has protected the employees anonymity all along and will continue to do so,“ NBC says in response

A lawyer for the woman whose accusation of sexual misconduct brought down Matt Lauer appeared on a “Today Show” segment Friday to discuss the case and lambaste NBC for its treatment of his client.

“NBC has a duty to maintain confidentiality — that means to maintain secrecy over her name and to hold to themselves the details of their story, and they have not done a good job of doing that,” attorney Ari Wilkenfeld told network reporter Stephanie Gosk. “They know exactly what they’ve done and they need to stop.”

He declined to get into specifics as Gosk pressed him on the matter.

A representative for NBC did not immediately respond to request for comment. In a statement aired during the segment, the company said it had maintained the woman’s confidentiality.

“The network has protected the victim’s anonymity all along, and will continue to do so,” they said.

Wilkenfeld warned that a hunt was underway to unmask his client, and could have a chilling effect on other victims coming forward.

“My client is terrified and she does live in constant fear that people are going to track her down and figure out who she is and she feels badly for the many other women who are suspected of being her who are also being hounded and harassed,” said Wilkenfeld.

Watch above.