Australian Actor Fatally Shot During Music Video Shoot

Stuntman Johann Ofner dies while filming a music video for hip-hop trio Bliss N Eso

Australian actor Johann Ofner was fatally shot during the production of a hip-hop music video, according to Seven News.

The incident occurred in Brisbane on Monday at a bar that had been rented out for a music video for the hip-hop trio Bliss n Eso. Ofner, a 28-year-old stuntman, was shot in the chest during filming and was pronounced dead at the film site.

Detective Inspector Tom Armitt said that the exact cause of death was still not determined and that a “number of firearms” had been used during filming. Local police did not disclose further details about the incident, as it is an ongoing investigation.

“The three of us are extremely upset and shaken up by this and our hearts and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends as well as the cast and crew who were involved in the clip today,” Bliss n Eso said in a statement. None of the band members were present on set Monday.

The Brooklyn Standard, the bar where the music video was being shot, said in its own statement that none of its employees were involved in the music video and that it would remain closed out of respect to Ofner’s family and to the police’s efforts to investigate.

Ofner was a part-time carpenter and had been a stuntman in Australia’s film industry for several years. According to Sky News, he had been slated to appear as a contestant on “Australian Ninja Warrior.”

Following the incident, the Australian actors union, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, said that Ofner’s death served as a grave safety reminder. “This tragedy is a stark reminder that the screen industry is inherently dangerous and of the need for total vigilance about workplace safety at all times on set.”