Australian Outback Serial Killer Strikes Again in ‘Wolf Creek 2’ Trailer (Video)

John Jarratt returns to torture tourists in the sequel to the 2005 slasher flick

If John Jarratt’s portrayal of crazed killer Mick Taylor didn’t scare audiences away from hiking the Australian Outback in 2005’s “Wolf Creek,” a second helping of horror set in the isolated terrain should definitely do the trick.

The first trailer for “Wolf Creek 2” shows Taylor tormenting a new pack of tourists setting up camp at Wolf Creek National Park.

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Jarratt’s mad man is front and center in the sequel from “Wolf Creek” writer/director Greg Mclean.

“There’s people like me, and there’s people like you,” Jarratt narrates. “And people like me eat people like you.”

While “Wolf Creek 2” is set to premiere in Australia this February, the horror flick still does not have a domestic release date.