Jack Chick, Evangelical Cartoonist, Dies at 92

Artist’s Chick Tracts constantly warned of eternal damnation

Last Updated: October 24, 2016 @ 8:12 PM

Jack Chick, the evangelical cartoonist whose Chick Tracts spread biblical messages as well as controversy died Sunday at age 92.

A message on Chick Publications’ Facebook page said that Chick died “peacefully in his sleep.”

“Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Brother Jack Chick passed away Sunday evening, October 23, peacefully in his sleep. He was 92,” the message read. “He will be interred in a small private ceremony.”

Chick Publications went on to say that, despite its founders’ death, it will go forward unchanged.

“Our promise to you –
Nothing changes:
The Method
The Vision
The Purpose.”

Born in 1924 in Los Angeles, Chick drew the cartoon “Times Have Changed?” — a thematic predecessor to the comic strip “B.C.” and the cartoon “The Flintstones” — prior to conveting to Christianity. He published his first tract, “Why No Revival?” in 1960, which was followed by “A Demon’s Nightmare” in 1962. Mny more would follow, including its iconic tract “This Was Your Life!”

With their heavy-handed, fire-and-brimstone messages, Chick Tracts — miniature comics spreading the Good Word as Chick sees it — constantly warn of damnation with an over-the-top zeal that has often been spoofed.

Chick also drew controversy for his views on as Roman Catholics, Freemasons, Muslims and Jews.

News of Chick’s death drew strong reactions on social media, with one critic tweeting, “Jack Chick chose to dedicate his entire life to spreading fear hatred and paranoia so im not sure whats wrong with being glad it’s ended lol.”