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Marvel Was So Secretive About ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Even Robert Downey Jr Wrote Fake Scripts (Video)

”Avengers“ star was just being ”a good company man,“ he joked on ”Kimmel“

Marvel is known for guarding its films’ secrets, but the Disney studio upped the ante for “Avengers: Infinity War,” even producing fake scripts for its stars.

On Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” cast leader Robert Downey Jr. (jokingly) claimed credit for a few of those faux endings.

Downey’s “Avengers” co-stars Tom Holland, Zoe Saldana, Paul Bettany and Pom Klementieff lamented how much time they’d spent trying to get their hands on the full script, only to find out the ones they did get to read weren’t actually real. “At that point, I’d given up, like 24 hours of my life reading a script I was never going to make,” Bettany said.

Downey has been with Marvel Studios since 2008’s “Iron Man,” which kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It looks like all those years have allowed Marvel to perform some mind control that would make Hydra jealous.

“As a good company man, they’ve indoctrinated me to the point where I was like Manchurian Candidate,” Downey added. “They said my first, middle and last name and I’d do whatever they wanted.”

We don’t know if Downey has seen “Black Panther” yet, but there’s someone in Wakanda that could help him with that.

Watch Downey & Co. drop by “Kimmel” via the video above.