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No Delay for ‘Avengers’ — Despite Script Being Leaked

Some chatter on the Internet said the production shut down after photographs of actor Samuel L. Jackson’s script were posted online

Filming of "Avengers," Marvel's massive superhero movie, is moving forward, even after a copy of its closely guarded script leaked — and parts of it were posted on the Internet.

Some reports said that production had halted, but Marvel told TheWrap that it's not true: "Filming for 'The Avengers' is active, on schedule and going well," according to the studio.

Last week, Obsessed With Film reported that someone had offered the website a shooting script of the movie — for a fee. Editors had no intention of buying the script, but asked the person to send photographs of some pages, to verify that the offer was real. When they got the photos, they posted them online.

Since then, rumors have flown that the production has stopped. Which Marvel says isn't true.

The script, incidentally, had actor Samuel L. Jackson's watermark.