Aya Cash Perfectly Explains Cable vs Network Nudity Standards With One Photo

“You’re The Worst” star reveals two very different “modesty garments” for sex scenes

Aya Cash Youre The Worst

Actress Aya Cash has beautifully illustrated nudity standards for female stars on modern TV with a single Instagram post.

The “You’re The Worst” star uploaded a comparison of the “modesty covers” — or nude-colored garments given to actors performing sex scenes — that she’s been offered when filming for both cable and network shows.

The disparity is exactly as one might expect: the cable cover resembles something between a bookmark and a deconstructed thong, while the network garment looks like an Old Hollywood onesie. (In the Instagram upload below, Cash is wearing a nude-colored pair of shorts we can guess are not part of the modesty cover).

“Cable sex scenes vs network sex scenes. Modesty cover comparison,” wrote Cash, who has received critical praise for her frank and complicated portrayal of Gretchen Cutler on the Stephen Falk-created show.

In the comments, Cash agreed with one user who described the cable garment (from the set of “Worst”) as “a heart-shaped b-hole cover.” The network cover is from the set of the defunct 2011 Fox series “Traffic Light.”

Cash and her “You’re the Worst” co-star Chris Geere often strip down to portray their characters’ messy but active sex life.

“The sex stuff is fine,” Cash told EW of nude scenes last year. “It’s not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but they make it very comfortable, and you write s– on your pasties, and you do stupid stuff to lighten the mood, and then everyone acts like a professional.”

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