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Aziz Ansari Was ‘Hesitant’ to Do ‘Master of None’ Season 2 (Exclusive Video)

Star and creator of the Netflix show tells TheWrap how time off helped rejuvenate the creative process

Despite critical and fan acclaim and an Emmy win, Aziz Ansari says he wasn’t even sure he wanted to do more of “Master of None” after the first season.

The Netflix comedy’s creator, writer, director and star told TheWrap why he was “hesitant” to do a second season.

“I was hesitant to even do a second season, because I feel like I never want the show to become something where… we’re cranking out meat and there’s like a template for how the show is,” he said. “I think time really helped us come up with ideas. And even when we weren’t working, we would text each other, Alan [Yang] and I would talk regularly and come up with ideas here and there. Like I told him about something that happened with me and my parents and the pork and we were like, ‘oh that would be a cool idea to do an episode.'”

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Ansari and co-creator and co-showrunner Yang previously discussed wanting to take a longer than usual hiatus between seasons one and two of the Netflix comedy.

Season 1 premiered in October of 2015, and Season 2 has just begun streaming in May 2017.

“Even if we weren’t officially writing, we had the show in the back of our head,” Ansari said. “It’s kind of like taking that time to fill up your notebook again. If you go back right away, I don’t see how you could be as creatively inspired.”