Jimmy Kimmel Saves Christmas With Step-by-Step Directions for a DIY Baby Yoda (Video)

You do own a microwave, don’t you?

It’s Christmastime and we should all be happy, but we’re not, because Disney wanted to keep Baby Yoda — the true star of “The Mandalorian” — a secret before the new Disney+ series launched, so the company didn’t start manufacturing official merchandise in the likeness of the greatest “Star Wars” character of all time until after the show debuted.

And while you can pre-order those products now, they won’t start shipping until May — meaning Santa won’t be able to bring you a Disney-produced Baby Yoda doll later this month. Right, Christmas is ruined, thanks to Disney’s desire to surprise you and fill you with joy.

But don’t worry, because Jimmy Kimmel and his trusty sidekick Guillermo shared their genius step-by-step guide for making a homemade Baby Yoda on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

First, you gotta get an adult Yoda doll. Also, do you have a microwave? OK, then you’re pretty much 50% there and going to save your little ones’ — and adult-nerd friends’ — Christmas with your absolutely horrifying DIY Baby Yoda.

Watch the full video above.

OK, so don’t actually do that at home. And if you want a Baby Yoda plush doll, the ones made by Mattel, can be ordered, for $25 on Walmart now, but, again, won’t be available until next May. Additionally, Funko announced it will also have Baby Yoda Funko bobble-head dolls, which you can see here.

A Disney spokesperson told TheWrap last month that apparel and accessories featuring the little green guy would soon be coming to a host of retailers including Amazon and Zazzle, plus the websites for Target, Kohls, Macy’s, HotTopic and BoxLunch, and that apparel would be available at the Disney Store, shopDisney, Disney Parks and at retail stores before the holidays.