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‘The Bachelorette’ Just Had the Most Awkward Silence Ever and Twitter Can’t Handle It

Clare wanted a cocktail party, but all she got was crickets

“Bachelorette” star Clare Crawley just wanted a cocktail party to end her first group date on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC dating series, but all she got was an awkward silence.

Perhaps the men of her season aren’t familiar with the rules of the show, but it’s usually customary for suitors to fall all over each other in order to be the first to whisk the Bachelorette away during the cocktail party — not sit there like a bunch of preteen boys at a middle school dance.

But that is, unfortunately, what happened. Crawley was so shocked that no one jumped up to pull her aside that she had to leave her first conversation to go back and ask them all what the heck they were thinking.

Bachelor Nation was all aflutter on Twitter with reactions to the moment, which was so cringe-worthy it almost started a fight between Crawley and her suitors.

The ringleader of the drama was, of course, Yosef, who nearly got himself kicked off the show last week when another suitor tattled on him for allegedly hitting up multiple girls in his hometown with the same lame Snapchat message.

Tonight, Yosef turned up the drama dial once again by telling Crawley that she’s “crazy” if she doesn’t think all the men are there for her.

Needless to say, Crawley didn’t take to that too kindly — and guess who swooped in to comfort her? You guessed it — Dale. Oh, and let’s not even get started on that “physical touch” session that was basically just an excuse for the two of them to get freaky while wearing eye masks.

One member of Bachelor Nation went out on a limb and tweeted: “Is it just me or is this season of the bachelorette awkward?”

Another one posted a meme of Tyler the Creator below just two words: “the silence.”

Read more reactions from Bachelor Nation below.