Backstage with Andrew Stanton, director of “Wall-E”

Andrew Stanton, the director of “Wall-E”, talks to the press backstage after winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature


Backstage with Andrew Stanton, director of “Wall-E”:
“’Wall-E’ really was the most unique, personal film I could have made, and I thought it would speak to a minority, not a majority. This response gives you a little confidence to listen to that voice inside you
“We’ve just been trying to make the most sophisticated film we can with very deep characters and assume that if it’s well told, any age will understand it. It’s been the same attack on every film, even though ‘Wall-E’ is different.
The theme of this film is extremely important, the most important theme at the oscars…this is obviously an entertainment film…
“A lot of people attach a little too specifically to the complacency aspect of humanity but I use those as devices to focus on the biggest issue, which is people connecting with one another. Whether that’s literally love between robots or you acknowledging your neighbor is next to you, that disconnection is going to be the cause of anything that happens in life that’s bad for the planet or humanity… My focus was connectivity.
This isn’t your first Oscar, but since you have more than one now, what are you thinking about in terms of future projects?
“I try to start before this kind of stuff happens so i don’t let it taint it. I’m a year and a half deep into my next film. It’s like the song, ‘Love is wonderful the second time around.’   So is an Oscar.
With computers, animation can get so real and lifelike, how do you keep the charm of animation when it doesn’t look like it anymore?
“The point usually isn’t to try to trick audiences into thinking its realistic but for a fully animated picture…someone said animation is this great medium to make metaphor believable and i think thats really its key…i think the stories we tell will always be slight fable-istic.