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PornHub Inserts Itself Into Fitness Craze With ‘BangFit’ (Video)

”It’s time to work out,“ a voiceover motivates viewers, ”and in, and out, and in, and out …“

Having a hard time banging out those push-ups every evening? Well, PornHub has a new way for you to burn calories, one that requires a more literal version of “banging out.”

The pornography tube website released a promotional video this week touting the game-based workout tool “BangFit,” which requires a computer, smartphone and an official BangFit belt to wear around one’s waist. Users must coordinate movements with those on screen, scoring points for accuracy — and yes, just scoring overall.

“You won’t be pumping iron, but you’ll be pumping nonetheless,” a voiceover read.

“Our sedentary lifestyle and overloaded routine are making us neglect our health and, as a result, adult obesity has skyrocketed,” the commercial — which you can watch via the video above — explains.

The narrator even blamed PornHub itself for keeping people glued to their seats more than ever. At least the company is also providing the definitive solution.

“It won’t just get you fit, it will get you fit as fuck,” the V.O. concluded. “”It’s time to work out — and in, and out, and in, and out …”