‘Baroness von Sketch Show’ Star Meredith MacNeill Tells Millennials: ‘Own Who You Are’ (Video)

BE Conference 2018: Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen also took part in the panel at TheWrap’s event for empowered women

“Baroness von Sketch Show” star Meredith MacNeill attended TheWrap’s BE Conference in Austin, Texas, on Monday and gave advice to millennials feeling pressure to succeed before they turn 30.

“I too felt this odd pressure at 19 years old,” MacNeill said on the panel with her fellow costars and executive producers, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen. “I’ve seen both sides in terms of finance, meaning not having much and people that have a lot … I think it’s what we’re told: Who we are is who we are and money has nothing to do with it. Does it make it easier? Hell yeah.”

She added, “Own who you are and what you have, feel no shame, and work from that.”

Whalen agreed: “Careers are longtime, and I’m so glad I didn’t make it in my 20s. I’d be an a–hole now … Play the long game, not the short game.”

The Canadian television sketch comedy series also stars Carolyn Taylor and was just renewed for a second season.

Watch the video above.