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‘Barry': Anthony Carrigan Pitches His ‘NoHo Hank’ Spinoff (Video)

”Maybe it would be something just like an interior design show,“ actor tells TheWrap

NoHo Hank has been the breakout star of HBO’s “Barry,” with Anthony Carrigan’s way-too-friendly mobster stealing every scene he’s in. So that got us thinking: What would a “NoHo Hank” spinoff look like?

We asked Carrigan himself, who believes that a NoHo Hank show would fit right alongside “The Property Brothers” or “House Hunters.”

“Maybe it would be something like an interior design show,” Carrigan said. “Like a completely different genre, but it’s just Hank, who goes into people’s houses, who need a little help, need a little nice touch, and just completely revamps it. I think Hank would totally excel.”

And for the network? “HGTV probably.” He has only one stipulation: “I would only do it if Bill [Hader] and Alec [Berg] were involved.” Hader stars and co-created the dark comedy with “Silicon Valley” showrunner Alec Berg.

Honestly, it makes sense. After all, during a pivotal moment when he thought he had just gotten him and his fellow Chechen mobsters killed, he admitted that the mafia life was not for him, saying he was an “optometrist by nature.” What else could Hank do if he wasn’t a gangster?

“I think he would fit right in at Disneyland, honestly,” Carrigan said. “Just kind of welcoming people in with the funny little outfit, and a little nametag: NoHo Hank.”

Watch the video above to hear more about where “Barry” could go in season 3, including the arrival of Batir, Hank’s purported replacement as head of the Chechen mafia.

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