Barry Malkin, Oscar-Nominated Editor and Longtime Francis Ford Coppola Collaborator, Dies at 80

Malkin edited “The Godfather Part II” and “The Cotton Club” among many other credits

Film editor Barry Malkin, a two-time Oscar nominee best known for his many collaborations with Francis Ford Coppola, died Thursday. He was 80.

Malkin began his career in 1963 as an apprentice to Dede Allen on Elia Kazan’s “America America.” He was first credited as an editor for his work on “The Patty Duke Show.” Through his friendship with editor and director Aram Avakian, Malkin was introduced to Francis Ford Coppola, and was hired to edit Coppola’s 1969 film “The Rain People.”

“The Rain People” began a long collaboration between the director and editor. Malkin would work either by himself or as part of the editing team on eight additional Coppola productions. Most significantly, Malkin worked on three “Godfather” projects: “The Godfather, Part II” alongside Richard Marks and Peter Zinner in 1974; “The Godfather Saga,” which edited “The Godfather” parts one and two into a chronological TV miniseries featuring scenes not included in the theatrical releases, in 1977; and “The Godfather Part III” alongside Lisa Fruchtman and Walter Murch in 1990.

Malkin also worked on Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” “The Cotton Club,” “Peggy Sue Got Married,” “Rumble Fish” and “Gardens of Stone.” He’s also credited on 1992’s “The Godfather Trilogy,” which extended “The Godfather Saga” by adding “The Godfather Part III” to it.

Malkin’s other credits include the opening and closing credits on Arthur Penn’s “Little Big Man,” Jonathan Demme’s “Last Embrace,” and the Andrew Bergman films “Honeymoon in Vegas,” and “It Could Happen to You,” among many others.

Malkin was nominated for two Academy Awards — with Marks and Zinner for “The Godfather Part II,” and with Fruchtman and Murch for “The Godfather Part III.”

He is survived by his wife Stephanie and daughter Sacha.

Variety first reported the news.