Barstool Sports Asks Employees to Waive Right to Be Offended; Twitter Is Divided

Sports reporter Elika Sadeghi ignites a firestorm after she publishes an excerpt of Barstool’s contract online

Sports journalist Elika Sadeghi took a turn in the viral spotlight Wednesday after she tweeted out a portion of a contract she was asked to sign for Barstool Sports.

Beyond the usual legal jargon, the agreement asked Sadeghi to consent to not be offended by a number of unorthodox business practices.

“I acknowledge that I may be privy to conversations where offensive speech, (e.g. their work, scripts or roles that involve nudity, sexual scenarios, racial epithets, suggestive gestures, profanity and references to stereotypes) is utilized,” the contract read. “I understand and acknowledge that as part of my job I may be exposed to speech and conduct that is explicitly related to sex, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, religion, disability, and age.”

Sadeghi redacted the employers’ name, but of course, these things have a way of coming out and Barstool was swiftly identified.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Sadeghi said that she immediately decided to refuse the position, even if the company agreed to remove the language.

Sadeghi did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap.

Her offense at the non-offense clause was denounced by both Barstool founder Steve Portnoy and CEO Erika Nardini.

Still, it was not enough for some online who responded with a hearty round of outrage.

Opinion, however, was not unified and Barstool also had some defenders.