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Bart and Guber Yakking for KNBC

The ”Shootout“ duo, already set to launch a talk show for Encore, will host a companion series on the NBC Los Angeles flagship.

The Peter Bart/Peter Guber media empire is expanding again.

NBC LA flagship KNBC today announced the launch of "Show Business with Bart & Guber," a weekly interview-focused series about Hollywood. The show will air Saturday nights at 5 p.m., starting this week.

"This show will offer a fresh perspective on the inner workings of the industry and there’s no better team to give us those insights than these industry icons," said Craig Robinson, president and general manager of KNBC.

"Show Business" will be a companion series to "In the House," a similar series premiering on Encore this Thursday. The KNBC version will feature Los Angeles-centric content.

Bart and Guber previously hosted "Sunday Morning Shootout" on AMC for six years. Bart is VP and editorial director of Variety, while Guber is chairman of Mandalay Entertainment. 

(Full disclosure: I worked for Bart for a decade as TV editor of Variety).