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Jimmy Kimmel Won’t Stop Calling Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ (Video)

”Batman v Superman“ star worries that late-night host has forgotten his real name in hilarious bit before new trailer reveal

Ben Affleck appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday to introduce the new “Batman v. Superman” trailer, but Kimmel would only refer to Affleck as “Batman.”

Kimmel even went so far as to build a Bat signal on the roof of his studio in order to signal Affleck to come debut the trailer. However, Affleck was sitting in the audience, and had been since the show started.

“You just texted me yesterday and you were like, ‘Hey, come down to the show tomorrow.’ And I texted you back and said, ‘Sure,'” Affleck said.

Kimmel apologized, but kept referring to Affleck as Batman. Affleck was worried that Kimmel has only referred to him by the superhero moniker since he was cast in “Batman v Superman.”

When pressed to say Affleck’s real name, Kimmel responded, “Bruce Wayne.” “Jimmy, you’ve seen me naked,” Affleck said. “You know my name.”

Watch the video.

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