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‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Campaign: Batman Wanted Poster, Police Files Released

In "Dark Knight Rises," "The Batman" is wanted for six murders and the kidnapping of Commissioner James Gordon's family 

Batman's legal problems apparently didn't wash away after "The Dark Knight." 

According to a new viral campaign from Warner Bros. for "The Dark Knight Rises," the caped crusader is wanted for sixth deaths, kidnapping Commissioner James Gordon's family and assaulting several police officers. 

Fans of the previous movie know Batman is innocent. He was taking the rap for Harvey Dent/Two Face so Gotham City could have a hero to rally around. But in the eyes of the police, he is considered "armed and dangerous."

Dent, of course, went spectacularly crazy after half his face burned off. 

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"The Batman has never been seen outside of his mask and tactical uniform," the poster reads. "He has been known to drive a large military-type vehicle, but this vehicle is believed to have been destroyed and abandoned. He has more recently been seen driving a two-wheeled vehicle of an unknown make and model."

The poster also warns that "The Batman," as it refers to Bruce Wayne's alter-ego, is skilled at "infiltration, fighting and evasion."

Apparently things are heating up in the police's investigation into Batman because a note from the deputy police commissioner that accompanies the file says that the mayor has ordered the force to "redouble" its efforts to apprehend the crime-fighter in advance of "Harvey Dent" day. 

"The Dark Knight Rises" is set eight years after the events of the previous film and pits Batman (Christian Bale) against Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). 

It hits theaters on July 20.