‘Batwoman’ Showrunner: ‘We’ll Never Erase’ Kate Kane, Have ‘No Interest’ in ‘Bury Your Gays’ Trope

Caroline Dries says Kane’s “disappearance” will be “one of the mysteries” covered in Season 2

Caroline Dries

“Batwoman” showrunner Caroline Dries is addressing some of the “rumors” that have been swirling about the fate of Kate Kane in Season 2 of the CW series.

Dries expressed that she has “no interest” in the “Bury Your Gays” trope of killing off queer characters and vowed to “never erase” the lesbian character played by actress Ruby Rose in Season 1.

“As a lesbian who’s been working as a writer for the past fifteen years, I’m well aware of the “Bury Your Gays” trope and I have no interest in participating in it.  That’s why it’s important to me as the showrunner to clarify any misinformation out there about Kate Kane and recasting Batwoman.  Like you, I love Kate Kane – she’s the reason I wanted to do the show.  We’ll never erase her,” she wrote in a tweet Wednesday.

She also hinted that Kane’s “disappearance” will be “one of the mysteries” covered in Season 2.

“I don’t want to give away any of our surprises, but to all our devoted fans, please know that LGBTQ+ justice is at the very core of what Batwoman is and we have no intention of abandoning that,” she said.

The trajectory of the show’s second season has been up in the air since Rose departed the series last month.

Last week, a leaked casting notice detailed a new character, Ryan Wilder, who would take over for Kane as the new caped crusader. This lead to reports speculating that Kane was going to be being killed off and replaced altogether.

Rose starred in the series as Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne/Batman, who takes up his mantle in Gotham City three years after The Dark Knight left the city. Her character figured to play prominently in the future of The CW’s “Arrowverse,” which just lost its namesake “Arrow.” In an Instagram post, she addressed reports that said she left the series because of the long hours required of a lead star on a broadcast series. “Don’t believe everything you read by anon sources online,” she told a fan in the comments section.