‘Batwoman’ Showrunner Promises Resolution to Kate Kane’s Disappearance

“It’s something that will resolve and I appreciate what we’re asking of the audience,” Caroline Dries says of writing out Ruby Rose’s character

Batwoman Kate Kane
Katie Yu/The CW

The mystery of what happened to Kate Kane, the former Batwoman, hangs over The CW series when it returns Sunday with its new caped crusader, Ryan Wilder.

On Friday, “Batwoman” showrunner Caroline Dries promised the show will give an actual answer as to why Ruby Rose’s character is no longer around. Of course, if you’ve been reading this website, you know just why there is a new Batwoman prowling around Gotham City beating up criminals — and Dries understands that her audience does too.

“Yes, it’s something that will resolve, and I appreciate what we’re asking of the audience. They know the actress who plays Kate Kane has left the show, so I don’t want people to feel like this is a big blank,” Dries said during The CW’s press day. “I will say as a storyteller, this will be a lot of twists and turns. It will be a huge roller coaster for all of our characters. And my hope is that it feels like a very awesome, satisfying resolve.”

Rose is being replaced this season by Javicia Leslie following her shocking and sudden departure from “Batwoman” after just one season. The Season 2 premiere episode is aptly titled “What Happened to Kate Kane?” as Leslie’s Wilder finds the Bat-suit in Gotham harbor.

Along with a new Batwoman, the series will also finally introduce its version of the Batmobile on Sunday — though if it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down production for pretty much everything last March, Gotham City’s most famous car would have appeared sooner.

“We actually originally had plans to see it at the end of Season 1, and that’s when we started designing it. But COVID had other plans for us,” Dries said. “It actually worked out great, I will say, that we got to introduce it as a new character in the premiere. It just feels a little bit more premiere-worthy anyway.”

And for you car nuts out there, Dries said The CW version of the Batmobile is based on a “new” Corvette Chassis.


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