BBC Interview Parody Shows How a Woman Would’ve Juggled Babies and Business (Video)

Watch this woman multitask in an alternate version of that viral video

That BBC video showing a family interrupting Korea expert Robert Kelly’s video interview has gone viral, leading the way for others to mimic it.

One of the best comes from the satirical entertainment show from New Zealand, “Jono and Ben,” that was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

The video poses the question, what if the person interrupted by toddlers on the run was a woman and not a man? Obviously, the answer takes some liberties with reality, but the point is still apparent: women would’ve handled this a bit better than Kelly did.

In the sketch, the woman is being interviewed by the BBC reporter when her kid comes into the office. Unlike Kelly in the original video, the woman picks up the girl and starts bottle feeding her. Over the course of the video, she cooks, she irons, she finds her husband’s missing sock, and all while not missing a beat with the interview.

In the original video, Professor Robert Kelly, a professor of political science and diplomacy at Pusan National University in South Korea, is being interviewed by BBC News when two of his children enter the office. Kelly apologizes as his wife, Jung-A Kim, comes in and wrangles the kids out.

The family later reappeared on the BBC in an attempt to tell the full story, but the kids weren’t done showing off.

Watch the video below.