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BD Wong Joins ‘Gotham’ as Hugo Strange

”Jurassic World“ actor will conduct tests on Arkham Asylum inmates

“Gotham” really needs Batman right about now: The Fox drama just got another villain: B.D. Wong is joining the cast as Hugo Strange.

Wong’s recurring role is of the DC Comics’ brilliant psychiatrist hired to run Gotham’s infamous Arkham Asylum. Strange’s devotion to rehabilitating Gotham’s most notorious villains makes him appear altruistic — at first, at least.

But Strange harbors a dark secret, and he soon reveals himself as Gotham’s greatest threat: a man whose obsession with pushing the limits of the human mind and body has translated into secretly conducting horrifying experiments for Indian Hill — the Wayne Enterprises black-ops program dedicated to creating the ultimate super human … or super villain.

Wong was recently seen in “Jurassic World.” He starred on “Law & Order: SVU” for more than a decade. Wong has appeared in several “Mr. Robot” episodes this year.

The Fox series has been busy bringing out the baddies: On Wednesday, “Gotham” cast Nathan Darrow (“House of Cards”) as Mr. Freeze. The identity of Batman criminal The Joker is still a bit hazy.