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Bear Grylls Makes a Smashing Entrance Through Morning Show Window (Video)

The former ”Man vs. Wild“ host took an unorthodox route into the studio for UK’s ”This Morning“

Bear Grylls made quite an entrance onto the U.K. talk show “This Morning” on Friday.

The celebrated British adventurer decided to forego a traditional entrance into the show’s studio via the door and instead first landed in a small boat on the Southbank of London’s River Thames outside the building.

The “Man vs. Wild” star then dropped a rope just outside the studio window and proceeded to smash through it in dramatic style, as host Eamonn Holmes shielded himself from the shattering glass.

Grylls was on the show to promote his new series, “Mission Survive,” which follows him as he takes eight stars out into the wilderness and sees which of them is best suited for survival.

One person gets voted off the show each week, and at the end, Grylls decides which ones really would survive in the wild.

The new reality series is in the same vein as Grylls’ previous television outings, such as “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” and his most infamous adventure series, “Man vs. Wild.” On that show, Grylls would drop himself into unforgiving terrain and would have to rely on his survival skills to make it back to civilization.

“There’s no blueprint for a hero. I’m searching for the ultimate survivor,” Grylls said about his latest venture. “These guys are all rookies, never done anything, it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.”

“Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” which aired last year on NBC, featured Hollywood stars such as Zac Efron, Ben Stiller and Channing Tatum going on two-day trips with their daring host.