Beatles Songs Stream 50 Million Times in Just 48 Hours

The band’s classic singles like “Come Together” get massive play on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime

The Beatles

The Beatles’ catalogue of hit music was streamed a staggering 50 million times in its first 48 hours of release to online music platforms, according to a new report.

Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Prime uploaded the tracks on Christmas Eve after years of delays over rights and contracts, and the results aren’t just massive impressions — they signal a whole new generation of listeners.

Sixty-five percent of Spotify users streaming songs like “Hey Jude” were under the age of 34, said the findings from analytics company Brandwatch.

Roughly 46,000 mentions of the band floated on Twitter, the report said, 87 percent of which were positive about the release.

“Come Together,” a classic from the British sensation that disbanded in 1970, was the most popular Spotify stream with 1.8 million plays. The remaining top ten on the subscriber site include:

2. “Let It Be” (1.55 million)
3. “Hey Jude” (1.32 million)
4. “Love Me Do” (1.31 million)
5. “Yesterday” (1.23 million)
6. “Here Comes The Sun” (1.23 million)
7. “Help!” (1.22 million)
8. “All You Need Is Love” (1.17 million)
9. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” (1.1 million)
10. “Twist And Shout” (940,000)