Behind Roku’s Very Big Year and What’s Next in 2021 (Beyond a Likely HBO Max Deal)

”The more opportunity for great content on Roku… the more they cut the cord, and the more they increase their viewership. It’s a nice virtuous cycle,“ Roku SVP Scott Rosenberg tells TheWrap

It’s tough to find a business that’s thrived as much during the COVID-19 pandemic as Roku.

The company, best known for its array of streaming devices, has seen its stock price surge from about $70 per share in mid-March to $306 per share on Wednesday, as stay-at-home orders have forced millions of people to spend more time on the couch watching TV. Last month, Roku reported an unexpected Q3 profit and said its viewers watched 14.8 billion hours worth of content — equivalent to 3.57 hours of content streamed by each account each day. Overall, the company has 46 million active accounts, putting it ahead of deep-pocketed competitors like Apple, Google and Amazon when it comes to the connected device market.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44