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‘Being Mary Jane’ Star Lisa Vidal on How Costar Michael Ealy Pranked Her

The actress recounts a time when Ealy pretended to nap in her trailer

Michael Ealy’s character on “Being Mary Jane,” is intense and carries a stern demeanor to say the least, but Lisa Vidal assures us that that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to her costar in real life.

“Michael Ealy is the prankster of all pranksters,” Vidal tells TheWrap.

On the BET series, Kara Lynch (Vidal) and Justin Talbot (Ealy) aren’t the best of friends — in fact, they former kind of hates the latter, but that obviously didn’t stop Ealy from messing with Vidal off screen.

Vidal recounts a time when Ealy pranked her early one morning by pretending to nap in her trailer.

“It was early in the morning and I was on the phone and I’m walking to my trailer and I saw him just walking into it,” the actress says, adding that they were side-by-side so she should’ve expected something to be up.

“I wasn’t paying attention, I was on my phone … I go to sit on the sofa and first I didn’t recognize who it was. I was like ‘Oh my God, there’s a man on my sofa and sleeping!'” Vidal says while laughing. “And it was Michael Ealy.”

“He snuck into my trailer and he pretended to be sleeping in there and it was hilarious,” the actress recounted adding that he also feigned confusion and asked,”Oh, is this your trailer? I was just taking a nap.”

Vidal says that’s not the only time Ealy pulled a prank like that, she said he’s constantly playing jokes with people on set.