‘Being Mary Jane’ Star Lisa Vidal On How Women Can Have it All: ‘We’re Pretty Amazing Creatures’

“Having it all is not for the meek,” actress tells TheWrap

Lisa Vidal’s character on “Being Mary Jane,” has had to sacrifice a lot when it came to her family because of her demanding career.

Kara Lynch (Lisa Vidal) was an executive producer on a talk show in Atlanta before moving to New York and away from her family to become a producer on the highest rated morning show in the country, “Good Day USA.” She, like many women, was the breadwinner of her household.

Seeing Lynch struggle with a healthy work life balance, begged the age old question of can women have it all?

“We have to be realistic about what it is that ‘having it all’ means,” Vidal told TheWrap. “If you have a nice balance between work, family and love I think that’s having it all.”

“There’s always going to be one area of your life that either doesn’t get enough or suffers a little bit, but we have to sort of be accepting of that,” added Vidal.

The actress explained that because of the type of work she does, she is required to travel a lot which may put a strain on her family life, but at the same time it’s all about the effort and quality of the time spent.

She believes that it’s not necessarily how much time you spend with family, but the quality of that time and the special moments shared when you are together.

“It’s much harder on us women because we are the nurturers, so there’s a lot more sacrifice,” the “Being Mary Jane” actress added. “It does help when you have a loving partner by your side or a loving family, you have that support system.”

Although Vidal admits that it can be tougher on women to have it all together, technology today like FaceTime makes it easier to keep in touch.

“We can be good mothers, we can be good wives, we can be good employees or bosses, it’s quite the balancing act definitely not for the meek,” Vidal says. “Having it all is not for the meek.”

“As far as I’m concerned we’re pretty amazing creatures,” she says.