Ben Affleck Is Savant Assassin in ‘The Accountant’ First Trailer (Video)

Warner Bros. thriller opens in theaters Oct. 14

Ben Affleck makes math look more dangerous than ever before in the first trailer for “The Accountant.”

Affleck plays Christian Wolff, an autistic savant and math genius who works as an accountant for some of the most powerful criminal organizations on earth. But when law enforcement begins closing in, they discover this accountant is much more deadly than he seems.

The trailer is made all the more unnerving by the fact that Affleck does not utter a single word in it, but rather we see him go about his day with incredible precision, right down to how he cooks his breakfast.

In addition to Affleck, the film stars Anna Kendrick. J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, John Lithgow, and Jeffrey Tambor. Gavin O’Connor directed the film, based on a screenplay by Bill Dubuque.

“The Accountant” opens in theaters on Oct. 14.

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