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Ben Affleck Defaced Batman Cape to Honor Tom Brady (Video)

”You can’t be a hero unless you wear number 12,“ diehard New England Patriots fan tells Jimmy Kimmel

Ben Affleck is definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY not going to play Batman again. He made that crystal clear Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

To honor Affleck’s years behind the mask, Jimmy Kimmel hosted a retirement ceremony on his late-night ABC show.

“Warner Bros. has given us something,” Kimmel told his Thursday guest, who was there to debut his “Triple Frontier” trailer. “We’re going to officially retire your Bat-cape to the rafters.”

“That is their official towel and cape,” Kimmel said.

To make space, they lowered and removed the sparkly thong underwear that Matt Damon wore as Liberace’s boyfriend in HBO’s “Behind the Candalabra.” Affleck gave his buddy’s jockstrap a big whiff and quipped, “Still has that Damon musk.”


This Bat-cape looked a bit different than the ones we’re used to seeing. On the back, it said “Batfleck” in gold lettering, with the No. 12 underneath it, football jersey-style.

“That’s Brady’s number,” Affleck explained. “You can’t be a hero unless you wear number 12.”

Yeah, the dude loves his New England Patriots.

“I insisted to Warner Bros. that be on the whole time,” Affleck joked to Kimmel, who acted surprised by the customization. “They actually paid $80 million to digitally remove it from every movie.”

We guess there was just one thing left to say to make this whole thing official.

“I’m not Batman,” Affleck said, inserting a new keyword into the classic caped crusader line.

Watch the video above.

For the record, while this probably goes without saying, a rep for Kimmel assured TheWrap that this one was “Definitely not a cape [Affleck] actually used in a movie.” Hey, we’re professional journalists, we had to ask.

By the way, we’re not sure security guard Guillermo has seen much “Batman.”

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