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Ben Affleck: I Was Insecure About Taking On the Congo – At First

The new Batman appeared on NPR to discuss his stance on Africa

Even Batman deals with confidence issues.

Ben Affleck, who testified last week before Congress on behalf of the Congo, revealed to NPR’s Morning Edition’s David Greene on Thursday that he briefly struggled with feelings of insecurity before stepping up as a celebrity advocate for the region.

“It seemed to me that what I had to offer at the time could be better used in the Congo and after that, in my sort of insecurity about not wanting to be somebody who does it without understanding it, led me to go,” Affleck explained.

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While Affleck’s Hollywood friends pushed the “Batman vs. Superman” star toward other causes, he was ultimately able to use his clout to draw more attention to the often-ignored region.

“Being an actor afforded me [certain] access,” Affleck began, “and the more I got involved and looked around in the Congo, the more I was drawn there. Not because of the suffering but because of the will and the energy and the determination of the Congolese people and the face of that suffering to overcome.”

Despite his initial doubts, Affleck made sure he was able to contribute more than just a celebrity mouthpiece.

“I wouldn’t be a credible advocate if I wasn’t taken seriously, if I hadn’t done my homework,” Affleck revealed. “So in order to do it, I had to do it properly.”

Listen to more of Affleck’s NPR interview below: