People Are Mad at Ben Affleck for ‘Sexual Assault Joke’ During ‘Justice League’ Interview (Video)

Batman actor continues to come under fire amid sexual misconduct scandals

Ben Affleck has come under fire once again for his response to the many sexual misconduct scandals plaguing Hollywood in recent months, this time for a comment he made during an interview with his “Justice League” co-stars.

To a question about who they’d like to see added to their Justice League hero supergroup, Affleck, Henry Cavill and Ray Fisher all suggested more female superheroes. Affleck was all for Black Canary. “We could use more women,” he said. Cavill agreed, saying he’d like to see Super Girl, and Fisher suggested Zatanna.

The interviewer then asked what it’d be like to add Super Girl to the League. Fisher said that “it would create a different dynamic.” Affleck asked the interviewer: “You following the news at all?”

That’s what triggered fans online, who are saying Affleck is making light out of sexual misconduct — assuming that’s what he’s referencing as “the news.” Though the video was put out last week, one fan made a snippet of that portion of the conversation to call out what she saw as Affleck’s poor taste, garnering reactions this week.

“It got awkward and i think it’s about all the allegations he’s been getting and that harvey dude he loves so much,” one Twitter user said in response.

“Why has jason momoa been called out so much for a sexual assault joke from years ago that he apologized for back then than ben affleck has for making one like a few days ago,” another user said, referencing a “Game of Thrones” rape joke Momoa made in 2011 at Comic Con. He recently apologized, calling it “a truly tasteless comment.”

Affleck came under scrutiny after he said the initial accusations of sexual misconduct by indie mogul Harvey Weinstein “made me sick.”

The actor, who won his first Oscar for co-writing “Good Will Hunting” for Weinstein’s Miramax Films, apologized to actress Hilarie Burton for groping her breasts on MTV’s live “TRL” in 2003.

 Then, another video surfaced of Affleck repeatedly nuzzling and hugging TV personality Anne-Marie Losique while referring to her breasts during a 2004 interview.

Although the video was being criticized online, Losique told TheWrap that the behavior in the video was “all for the cameras.”

See more reactions to Affleck’s “Justice League” interview comment below.