Ben Affleck: Trump Insisted on Being an Extra in Any Movie Filmed at His Properties (Video)

Though he only actually made it in one

Donald Trump, working actor? On Thursday, Ben Affleck told Stephen Colbert that the cost of filming a movie at one of Trump’s properties used to be putting the billionaire businessman in the flick.

“I passed him at a couple of parties,” the “Justice League” actor recalled of the good-old days, before Trump was President of the United States. “And I heard that in order to get permission to film at his properties, he insisted on being put in the movie as an extra.”

“So you had to go through this whole ritual of like pretending, ‘OK, now it’s the scene Donald, Action!’” Affleck continued, dripping with sarcasm at the notion of actually filming the guy. “‘Yeah, that’s great! Cut!’”

“It never ended up in any of the movies — actually, I think there is one movie he ended up in,” this decade’s Batman said.

“Home Alone 2!” Colbert enthusiastically interjected, doing Trump’s line from the Macaulay Culkin family comedy.

Watch the video above.