Ben Carson’s ‘Fruit Salad of Their Life’ Comment During GOP Debate Sparks Juicy Memes

The retired neurosurgeon has both viewers and moderators scratching their heads when discussing potential Supreme Court nominations

Ben Carson
Getty Images

The back-and-forth banter during the final GOP debate before Super Tuesday was like bad reality TV at some points, with senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz swapping vicious digs with frontrunner Donald Trump.

However, it was retired surgeon Ben Carson who had millions of viewers scratching their heads in confusion when he pulled out the phrase “the fruit salad of their life” as he reflected on potential Supreme Court nominations.

“We’re going to have to encourage them to act in an appropriate way or we will lose our religious freedoms. And as president, I would go and look at what a person’s life has been,” Carson said during the debate, which was moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, with Telemundo’s Maria Celeste Arraras, talk radio host Hugh Hewitt and CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash contributing.

“What have they done in the past? What kind of judgments have they made? What kind of associations do they have? That will tell you a lot more than an interview will tell you. The fruit salad of their life is what I would look at,” the retired neurosurgeon continued.

The juicy choice of words sparked both hilarious and mocking memes on social media as the phrase quickly became a top trend on Twitter.

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